Lush 'collection'


I titled this collection because I didn't really know what else to call it but it isn't really a very big collection.

I love Lush but i can no longer have the bath bombs *cries* I used a Dragons egg bath bomb last night (my favourite!)and got a slight allergic reaction - basically I had a rash :(

I still have quite a few bath bombs that havn't been used  so I decided to post them on my blog. These'll all have to go to my little sister now unfortunately...

This is the Mini Comforter Bubble Bar 
'Wraps you in a fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm'

This is the Sakura Bath Bomb
'This is a celebration of spring in a bath bomb, bursting into a floral fragrance. Inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan, this pretty bomb is designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of spring brings. We've used calming mimosa and jasmine oils complemented by lemon oil and orange flower to bring to mind the smell of this colourful season.' 
I am gutted I won't get to use this one as I had been saving it for a pamper evening because it looked so nice...

This is the Think Pink Bath Ballistic
'Bathe in sweet, fragrant pinkness with an explosion of confetti hearts'

This is the Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar
'Crumble for mountains of sweet vanilla bubbles. With almond oil and cocoa butter to really soften you and keep your bath water creamy.'

This is the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
'Dragon’s Egg makes bath time exciting as it fizzes and crackles and changes the colour of your water to a gorgeous citrusy gold. Its scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine, leaving you feeling great and ready for a good day. Its citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated.'
As this is the only one here that I have used I can confirm that it does everything it says. The smell is exactly like sherbet lemons which is a really nice pamper evening scent. This is my favourite bath bomb out of all the ones I've tried.

Thanks for reading ily all xx

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