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Hi guys,
This post has been on my to do list for at least a month, oops. Over May half term I decided I wanted to reorganise my desk and I was very happy with the result. In one of my very first blog posts, right back in November of last year, (I think it was my organisation post) I did also mention something about doing a desk organisation post, now, as my desk is the tidiest it has ever been, I am finally writing it.

There are four main things I added/changed to organise my desk and I will be telling you how I use them later on. I have the Ikea Micke desk.

Here is a quick overview of my desk area.

The first item I added was a Paperchase notes/to do pad. I keep this inside the long drawer of my desk and, as you would think, use it to jot down what I have to get done. This is a very cute alternative to writing my lists on random scraps of paper, it also keeps them all in one place.

Then I went to Sainsbury’s and was surprised as to how good their stationary section was. From Sainsbury’s I bought two zigzag patterned storage boxes to go inside the cupboard of my desk. I think these were about £3 each. I use one of these on each shelf inside the cupboard. In the top one I have precariously carefully stacked my notebooks, the lid wouldn’t fit on after doing this but you will find out what I used that for later. In the other I put all my pencil cases and other bits and pieces I have.

Another item I bought from Paperchase was a small storage box. This just sits on the top of my desk. I use this for all the random little bits and pieces that just sort of, float around and never have a set place to go. I found that having my little random objects box has made my desk nicer as rather than shoving these items into my other draws they have their own little area.

Now we find out what I did with the lid of the box. This is where I keep all the homework I need to do and any other papers that I might need. This just stops me having them cluttering my draws and surfaces. You can also buy proper trays to use for this…

Some other items I bought for my desk are:
·      A little book of sticky notes – Paperchase (where else?!)
·      A set of three pencil pots – Ikea
·      A little pot of miniature pegs – Sainsbury’s (no matter how organised your desk is, you’ve got to have something to make it look cute! *wink emoji*)

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even got a bit of inspiration for your workstation from it! Be sure to let me know if you try any of these ideas out, and tell me how you keep your desk organised :)

Lucy xx

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  1. I see where you get your inspiration from 😌

  2. your desk area looks super cool&organised! xx

    Tajaljeh //

    1. Thank you :) I try to keep it that way but... haha.
      Lucy xx