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Hi guys!

Something I love reading/watching videos about is organisation and study tips. So I thought I would share some of my favourite tips with you! J

Organisation tips
  • ·    Okay so I am still in school and I am so forgetful and such a klutz that I am that girl who would somehow forget her book even though she hadn't taken it out of her bag… (I actually did this the other day…) Something that helps me with this is packing my bag the night before and making sure all my books and homework are in it.
  • ·         I also like to make a little to do list on a notepad because although they give us planners to write all our homework in I like seeing it all in one list. 
  • ·        When I have a test coming up I find it helps so much to buy some flashcards and write a question on one side with the answer in the other.
  • ·         Using different coloured pens to revise in helps me so much. It looks nice so I don’t get as bored of looking at it and it is scientifically proven that it helps you remember things.
  • ·         I also like to have my timetable on my wall as I can just look at it and check I have my things as I walk out the door instead of messing around getting it out of a draw.
  • ·         Having a tidy desk to work on makes doing homework so much easier. Your desk needs to be somewhere you want to spend time, having it cute and organised helps with this.

I might do a desk inspiration post at some point to show you guys how I organise my stuff so leave a comment if you want to see that / what you want to see.

Thanks for reading ily all xx

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