First post - Hockey


Hi guys!

So I'm kind of new to this blogging thing so give me a chance if this first one is awful. I'm trying though right? Haha…

I had my first hockey match today (of the season) and it was freezing. It was so funny though because (it was a lions match there were two adults on each team) the older guy on the other team was getting really annoyed and kept swearing and it was kinda hilarious. We lost 2-0 but it was really fun and I'm glad I went. What’s great is my best friend does hockey too so we normally play together. We’ve also been moved up to a development group which is fun. I guess… we’ve got another match tomorrow after netball trials so that’ll be fun too, hopefully!

This blog will literally be my thoughts and what I'm feeling or whatever but if you want to see something specific just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do... ;)

Sorry this is quite short, things will be longer in the future when I'm more used to this.

Ily all xx

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