Pitch Black - Part 6


Chapter 5

I told my Mum to wake me at 7:00 Monday morning, giving me more than enough time to compose myself before re-entering my old life.  I made sure I had every note I had written and every book I might possibly need. There was no way I had everything I needed though. What I needed most of all was to be able to hear, something that I could never put in my school bag.

Burying that thought I pulled on my school uniform, the ordinary red and gold striped tie, with an ordinary grey skirt, an ordinary black blazer. The only unordinary being the badges I had plastered over my blazer. The rest of the morning was a haze, eating, checking, thinking, trying not to think. Just as I walked out the door I remembered to text Sam; ‘meet me at the gates. 10 minutes. Thanks :)’ I sent the message before realising the smiley emoticon was a pathetic attempt to make myself feel ready, something I will never feel again.  I again buried this thought in the depths of my brain and stepped into the car. I spent the ten minute journey looking through my class notes, hoping I had everything covered.

As we turned into the school gates I let loose a sigh of relief, at seeing Sam stood right there, where I couldn't miss him, a giant grin across his face. I focused on that grin; I let all the other faces slip by, paying no attention. As long as the grin is still there, I know I will be okay. I wait until I am right by the door to get out. ‘You going to be okay?’ my mum signs just before I jump out the car, I nod and blow a kiss, then I leave. I turn around as I get out and change my mind. I hold on to my mum and tell her to give a hug to dad for me. I step out the car, keeping my eyes fixed on Sam. He walks towards me and we meet in the middle. ‘You okay?’ he signs and my jaw drops in astonishment. ‘I didn’t know you’d learnt!’ I sign back. ‘A bit’ he replied, his hand movements careful, the concentration showing on his face ‘I couldn’t not’ he finished. ‘You’re the best.’ I slowly sign back, giving him time to process the individual words. He only smiles in response. He motions at me to follow him to form, I get the feeling he feels like my guide now, and I don’t have a problem with that. 

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