Pitch Black - Part 2


Hi guys,

As Pitch Black is my most popular post I thought I would post an installment every Friday... Of course if you aren't keen on this idea leave a comment so I know. Enjoy!

I glance at my clarinet and cry. Silently for me. Loudly for everyone else. I end up huddled in a corner, cradling my clarinet and whispering (or maybe shouting) about my being surrounded with a silence so absolute not even the loving sounds of my clarinet could pierce it. I pick it up and blow to try and break the silence but as soon as my lips touch the mouthpiece everyone looks as though they have sucked a lemon. So I give up. Playing the clarinet is ridiculously hard when you can't hear. You don't realise how much you rely on your ears until you lose them.

As these thoughts spin round my head a small pool of water is dripping onto my night shirt. My parents are on the phone, presumably to an ambulance but, how was I to know.

Chapter 2

Within the next half hour I was whisked into an ambulance, asked questions I couldn't answer and had a series of tests performed on me. All because I woke up deaf. And there was nothing I could do about it.

I was originally thought to have SDS (sudden death syndrome) but when it was realised that I had none of the usual symptoms and was completely, 100%, utterly deaf, they decided it wasn’t possible.

I was poked and prodded and moved and rolled and tested and tested and tested but they found nothing. Because I am a scientific miracle. Because this has never happened before. Because they don't know why. Because I don't know why. Because there is only a minuscule chance that I will be able to hear again.

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