Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Eye Shadow - Review


Hi guys,
Today I am going to be doing another review. This is the Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Eye shadow kit. I have mentioned this in many favourites posts, so I thought it was only right to finally do a review of it. Let me know if you would like me to do reviews more often :)

This set comes with 4 powder shadows and 2 cream shadows. It also gives you two different look ideas – daytime and playtime. I love that it gives these ideas as I feel like they would be things I might not think to try, but they look really nice. And the packaging is gorgeous, which is an extra bonus.

The pigmentation and staying power of these shadows is so, so good; I can wear these all day without having any fallout and the look will be pretty much the same. The only issue I have, is that the pot the cream shadows come in can make it a bit tricky to get them out if I’m using my fingers, but I wouldn’t say that’s really a huge problem for me. I love the colours that are in this set; it has brown nudes, pink nudes and a lovely highlight colour (even if it didn't show up in the picture...). Something else I love about these eyeshadows is that they can look quite subtle, but I can also really build them up to make a quite dramatic smokey eye - not that I'm very good at that. 

I would really recommend this eye shadow set as it is quite versatile, I love all the colours and it lasts really well.

What are your favourite eyeshadows to use?

Lucy xx

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  1. This is such a pretty palette!

    Parie x

  2. I love it too! I think all the colours are so pretty :)
    Lucy xx