‘The Body Shop, Fuji Green Tea, Bath Tea’ review


Hi guys,
So if you follow me on twitter, you can probably guess what this post is as I have mentioned it quite a few times, (you can find me on twitter @daisysmilerblog).

Okay. First things first – I think I’m in love. This. Stuff. Is. Gorgeous. I have only used this product once, but, I love it so much and I feel like once is enough for this product because it’s a bath product, it won’t change when I use it.

The whole idea of this product is that it creates a soothing, calming, rejuvenating bath, perfect to cleanse and unwind. It is exactly that. I do sometimes feel that bath bombs can make me feel a bit greasy albeit calm after use, after using this I felt calm, refreshed and cleansed at the same time.

To use this you scoop/pour/whateververbyouwanttodescribethisactionwith the green tea formula into the little tea strainer. I probably could have used a bit more product than I did when I used this. I poured the bath tea into half of the bottom section of the strainer. The bath salts in the tea (I’m sorry if this is not the right description but, ya know, I’m not an expert at this by any means) melt into the bath and the tea leaves stay in the strainer, as they’re meant to.

I had a few tiny particles of leaves come floating into the bath but nothing that bothered me. The tea turns your bath a very lovely, calming light green colour, much like a normal green tea. It also has a gorgeous refreshing scent, which isn’t too overpowering. This is also great if you have sensitive skin like me because this product doesn't irritate me at all which is something I often find with bath products. I have never been irritated by The Body Shop products though so I knew I wasn't risking it with this product. :)

Overall I think this product is so clever and I absolutely love it, it is definitely worth the £12 it costs, although if do you buy the tea strainer (which I did) that is £5, you could probably use a normal strainer if you have a secure one, it just wouldn’t hang over the plug. If you like the scent of this, I would 100% recommend it to you as I love it! :)

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you thought of the product if you have it or if you’re going to be getting it in the comments :)

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  1. Great review, I've been meaning to purchase this but I've forgotten! Definitely will now :)


    1. I'm glad it reminded you, Thank you!! <3 I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!
      Lucy xx