Pitch Black - Part 10


Hi guys,
Sorry it's another short one, I've reached the end of my pre written material and I had a bit of writers block this week *groan*. Hopefully next weeks will be longer again.

I take a deep breath in and jump…

On the way down I try to curl into a ball, minimise the impact on one area of the body-(something like that anyway!). Squeezing my eyes shut I fall, for what seems like forever and a day, eventually falling into a blackness so absolute I pray I am not now blind as well as deaf; because that would freaking suck. I keep falling into the darkness, the spiral of nothing never ending. I am Alice and this is my fall to wonderland.

Slowly, I open my eyes, blinking back the sunlight to see my parents looking down at me. Hurriedly, with panic in her eyes, my mum signs ‘are you okay?’ Surprisingly I don’t feel any stabbing pains so I sign back ‘okay.’ Turns out my duvet isn’t very thick. Feeling a discomfort under my shoulder I wiggle round and pull out Lamby – my favourite stuffed toy from when I was a baby, you know, the time when names were just animals with ‘y’ on the end, and give it a quick squeeze.

I see my parents heave a sigh of relief and look up to see rubber clad fireman shooting water into our house. Inwardly I scream – all those memories – burnt and sodden. What a great combination. I feel the tears begin to fall out my eyes and will myself to stay in control. I can't. 

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