The Liebster Award – Part 2


Hi guys,
Today I am going to be doing the Liebster award for you (although it should be the bad blogger award, with the amount of posts I’ve done this month…). I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Katie at LifeOf A Daydreamer for nominating me for this. I have done this post previously, so that will be linked HERE if you want to check that out.

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers, from bloggers, to try and spread recognition and promote each other.

These are the rules:
      1.     Link back to the person who nominated you
2.     Answer the 10 questions set by the nominator
3.     Nominate 10 new bloggers to do this post
4.     Create 10 new questions for 10 bloggers you nominate
5.     Let all the nominees know that they have been nominated.

Katie’s questions:

1. Would you prefer to be at the beach or by a pool?

2. Hot or cold drinks?
It depends on the time of year really, but I am always drinking tea, so hot drinks.

3. Favourite Childhood film?
Ummm, this is quite a difficult one; I don’t think I have a really specific childhood film. Probably just all things Disney.

4. What is something you did as a child that you wish you still could do now?
I don’t actually know, sorry…

5. State the reason you started your blog
I have always loved writing, and I am a big fan of Zoella. Put the two together and Freckles and Thoughts was born!

6. What would your dream job be?
Anything involving writing and journalism.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I love America, but if it’s somewhere I’ve never been before, maybe Australia.

8. If you could hold a dinner party with any 3 celebrities, dead or alive, who would it be?
John Green, Zoë Sugg and Taylor Swift.
(the amount of time I spent trying to think of celebrities for this is unreal… haha.)

9. Your first celeb crush?
Being realistic, it was probably Taylor Lautner when he was in twilight.

10. Name one thing you like about yourself
I quite like my hair.

My nominees:

Emily at Far FromVogue
Hannah at HannahDelacour

My ten questions (you can tell I wrote them around Christmas, whoops ;)):

If you could only take one item of food to a desert island, what would it be?

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Would you rather only have Christmas or only have your birthday?

What’s your most used beauty item at the moment?

What’s your favourite time of the year?

If you had the option of having Christmas everyday, would you?

Would you rather never have sweet food or never have savoury food?

What one item, assuming all living things are safe, would you save if your house was on fire?

What is your favourite quote?

Would you rather never be able to hear your favourite song, or never be able to see your favourite movie?

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m very sorry for my lack of posts this month.
Lucy xx

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