641 Things To Write About


Hi guys,

First things first, I'm so, so, SO sorry that I haven't posted yet in June. I've just been crazy busy but I always knew this month would be. I'll try to get as many posts done as possible, starting NOW.

So in a post a few months ago I mentioned that I was going to start a 642 things to write about series. I am finally bringing  you the first post in that series. (Sorry again.) 

These won't be my best work but in my opinion they are more prompts to get the inspiration flowing. Hope you enjoy it! :)

The prompt for this piece was:

Write a scene where the only spoken dialogue is "Uh-huh," "Umm," "Urrrr," "Mm-mmm."

"Urrrr," he murmurs, wringing his hands.
"Uh-huh," I answer, knowing his doubts almost telepathically.
"Umm," he replies, clearly not sure what next to say, a million thoughts swirling around his brain. He shakes his head, the risks overcoming the advantages for him, I understand, he has a life, a family. Me; nothing.
"Mm-mmm" I mumble, knowing I can't do anything alone. Casting me a quick glance - he turns on his heel and walks away, as he leaves, he mouths a single word. One that will forever me etched into my memory...

I know this isn't too great but in the spirit of the post I decided to leave in as the original draft. I left his last word to your imagination so let me know what you think it was in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you have a go at anything like this let me know / link me to it in the comments.

Lucy xx

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